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Articles:     FRIULIAN

La meditazion orientade a la mindfulness (MOM) inte ricercje mediche e psicologjiche [Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation (MOM) in medical and psychological research]

Gjornâl Furlan des Siencis, 2015

Il destin de lenghe [The destiny of the language]

Patrie dal Friûl, 02/02/2004

Intes mans dai pensionâts [In the hands of the retired]

Patrie dal Friûl, 05/05/2001

Brau, Fari [Well done, Smith]

di Federico Tavan, Patrie dal Friûl, 04/04/2001

Normalizà le scriture par normalizà il spirt furlan? [Normalizing the writing in order to normalize the Friulian spirit?]

La panarie, 1998

Cais e foncs ti rituâi religjôs da prins cristians di Aquilee [Snails & Mushrooms in Religious Rituals of Early Cristians at Aquileia]

La comugne, 1997

Fevelâ pui di une lenghe [Speaking more than a language]

Usmis, 1993

Sintî vôs [Hearing voices]

Usmis, 1991

Parcé i popui fevelino plui lenghes al puest di une? [Why do populations speak many languages rather than only one?]

Usmis, 1990

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